Bizarre Casino Locations Across the World


The word casino incites an aesthetic visual representation of the dazzling portrait of the glamorous Vegas Strip or the elegant Macau establishments. While most casinos adhere to quintessential architecture, there is a handful who deviates from this norm and makes an effort to present exclusive services, and these casinos inevitably are celebrated for these outlandish characteristics.

The fascinating element for gamblers is a blend of their spine-tingling adventure in these extraordinary locations. A spectral experience from the towering clouds, the frozen depths of the ground, to the mysterious virtual world. Let’s explore those out of the world casino locations.

Casino Jet Lounge


The casino on clouds was crafted by Airjet Designs and Designescence. A passenger jet thoroughly equipped with a fully functional casino. This theme was reinvented by the designers to illuminate the golden era of air travel by endowing passengers with a breathtaking experience in the air.

This plane features gaming tables, a bar, and luxurious space. You got to relish the thrill of hanging in the air while you roister in your favourite table game at least once, and the potential of flying with American Airlines seems even more incredible.

North Cadbury Court, UK

Quaint English Country brings in sweet memories of Downtown Abbey, Pride, and Prejudice, and aristocratic afternoon tea, and what you would least expect in the basement of these buildings is a thriving casino. And this is precisely what you can anticipate if you are strolling through the underground floor at North Cadbury Court.

The basement was refashioned into a casino that can hold around 30 players, and the games made available are blackjack, roulette, and poker. The casino is available only to the individuals who book the entire venue.

Desert Cave Hotel, Australia

The strange milieu is best unfolded in the Australian Outback. Guests at the hotel are blessed with a memorable experience of playing on the 16 poker machines positioned below the desert.

This subterranean casino is discovered after an intimidating 850km from the city of Adelaide. The alluring element is your chance to gamble in a casino shaped out of a rocky desert landscape. Might lack that zest of glamour but is one worth the encounter.

X-Train, US

You might wonder, is it some Dwayne Johnson movie but no. You guys are terribly mistaken; it is a mobile casino, and the paramount aspect is that it is on a train and yes, it is moving.

This innovative design is a smash hit in Vegas providing gamblers an avant-garde experience. The renovation for a single carriage amounted to a massive $1 million.

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