The metropolis of Tehran enjoys a huge network of highways (280 km) and of interchanges, ramps, and loops (180km). In 2007 there were 130 kilometers of highways and 120 kilometers of ramps and loops under construction. Tehran has one of the cleanest and most convenient metro systems, in terms of accessibility to different parts of the city, in the region. The feasibility study and conceptual planning of the construction were started in 1970s. In 2001, the first two of its seven envisaged lines of metro were opened to public usage.The Taxis in Tehran Drive on main street . You can call from anywhere with 133 for Tehran Taxi Service.In Airport there are many taxis for transportation of passenger. They only need your hotel name and their cost is about 15$Tehran is served by Mehrabad Airport, an old airport which doubles as a military base, located in the Western part of the city, and Imam Khomeini International Airport, located 50 kilometers (31 mi) south, which handles international flights. Tehran also has a central train station with connecting services round the clock to various cities in the country. There are four bus terminals that also provide connections at low fares. These are the South, East, West, and Bei-haghi Park-Drive Terminals. While the center of the city houses the government ministries and headquarters, the commercial centers are more located toward Valiasr Street (formally known as Pahlavi street), Taleghani Ave, and Beheshti Ave further north. Although administratively separate, Rey, Shemiran, and Karaj are often considered part of the larger Tehran metropolitan area.



Metro (Underground)

Tehran enjoys 120 kilometers of metro serving 15 stations to coonect south to north and west to the east of the cities with trains running every 5 minutes in most of the lines.

Bus lines

As well as the Metro Tehran is well connected via bus lines running every 10 minutes in most of the lines. Tehran Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) was officially open in 2008 where it has 3 lines with 60 stations in different city areas. Taxi’s could be find at a very low prices compared to the other capital cities in the world with costs about 5Euros for around 10 miles ride.